The Cutlery Project

A cutlery collection by international designers: Jinhyun Jeon (KR/NL), Muller Van Severen (B), Maarten Baas (NL), Studio Simple (B/NL), Koichi Futatsumata (JPN) and Studio Wieki Somers (NL). Basically, all of them have created the same thing: a prototype set of tools to eat with. Spoons, forks and knives. The result is six totally quirky high-end luxury sets of cutlery that surprise and delight eyes, hands and mouth.


The designs of Maarten Baas (NL) and Koichi Futatsumata (JPN) are the first two sets that have been taken in production. With their interpretation of the ideal set of cutlery they will feature the Antwerp based label.


"When I approached the designers and design teams to create a set of cutlery for valerie_objects, I knew that they would each use their expertise, background and knowledge to come up with a completely divergent range of results. Some of them had already experimented with cutlery, others had been fascinated by the design for years, while for yet others it was their first foray into designing this modest eating tool. But whatever stage they were at, they all succeeded in delivering a surprise.” said curator Veerle Wenes. 



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