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Destroyers Builders
1-seat-sofa with 1 armrest right senales grey

In stock

the assemble sofa designed by destroyers/builders encourages exactly what its name suggests: to assemble your own sofa. the asymmetrical cushions are assembled into different sofa-elements; there are single seaters to choose from, two-seaters, corner elements, poufs and side tables to play around with.
1-seat-sofa with 1 armrest right senales grey Destroyers Builders

In stock



For Linde Freya Tangelder, the founder of destroyers/builders, the ASSEMBLE is a sofa debut. “It was the most complex object I have ever designed. And the largest for that matter. It was challenging to combine my preference for architectural contouring and very tactile materials with rather practical necessities as sitting comfort, foam density and extreme detailing.”
Additional Information

Additional Information

Itemcode V9020327
length (cm) 123.00
height (cm) 80.00
width (cm) 87.00
Collection assemble
Designer Destroyers Builders
weight (kg) 46.00
color grey