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Maarten Baas

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Maarten Baas barely needs an introduction. For the last twenty years, the renowned Dutch designer has been capturing the hearts of design lovers with playful objects that evoke the imperfection of the human hand instead of the straight line of the machine.
CUP GREY Maarten Baas

Out of stock. will be backordered

CUP GREY is available for purchase in increments of 8


What’s in a name? Two things. On the one hand, Inner Circle refers to the group of people you share the private dining table with, on the other hand the name describes Baas’ leitmotiv. ‘I discovered that all tableware items consist of circles within circles’, Baas explains. ‘At the same time, the circle is considered the most perfect symmetric shape. I played with that notion and drew spontaneous, far-from-perfect circles with a pencil’. These drawings were literally translated into tableware. The items are the materialization of imperfect, concentric circles.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Itemcode V9020007G
Product content 20.00
length (cm) 8.00
height (cm) 6.30
width (cm) 7.80
Collection Inner Circle
Designer Maarten Baas
material stoneware
dia (cm) 8.00
color grey