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Maarten Baas

In stock

After creating a quirky set of cutlery and an iconic pepper mill, valerie_objects now proudly presents the new Maarten Baas tableware: an entire set of tableware objects, from plate to water carafe, called Inner Circle.
PLATE L GREY Maarten Baas

In stock

PLATE L GREY is available for purchase in increments of 2


Inner Circle contrives that typical human and playful Maarten Baas feel. Due to the irregular shapes, no matter how you set the table, it always looks good. ‘It’s just like in nature, where organic forms are randomly thrown together and yet always create a beautiful image’, the designer says.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Itemcode V9020005G
length (cm) 33.60
height (cm) 1.00
width (cm) 30.50
Collection Inner Circle
Designer Maarten Baas
material stoneware
dia (cm) 33.60
color grey