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Muller Van Severen

In stock

Because we at valerie_objects care a great deal about sustainability, we’ve decided to re-use a considerable residual stock of polyethylene (PE). Hence this reedition of Five Circles, the Muller Van Severen classic which consists of five colourful circular trays that can be used as cutting boards too. Where the original Five Circles contain both marble and PE trays, this retake will be produced in sets of 3 circles with the PE in the typical Muller Van Severen colours solely from our stock.
RE-CIRCLES SET/3 Muller Van Severen

In stock



PE is the beautiful soft and tactile plastic in vibrant colours that became Muller Van Severen’s signature material. It is often applied in the food industry’s industrial kitchens where it is used for cutting boards: red for meat, blue for fish, and green for vegetables with the aim of keeping the food preparation antibacterial.
Due to limited and varying stock material, the thickness and colours of the three circles will remain a surprise until the very opening of the package. The material of the reedition already shows the patina of a material that has lived, which is characteristic for the soft texture of PE. That is ultimately the look that the designers had in mind when they chose this material for their design. The re_circles is a limited edition.
Just like all our objects, it is designed to last at least a lifetime or more.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Itemcode V9021100
length (cm) 21.00
width (cm) 21.00
Collection five circles
Designer Muller Van Severen
dia (cm) 21.00
color mix