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Muller Van Severen
hanging lamp n°5 green

In stock

Like all Muller Van Severen’s furniture, the hanging lamps add a pop of color to any space.
hanging lamp n°5 green Muller Van Severen

In stock



Although most design lovers know Muller Van Severen for their furniture, the design couple’s story actually kicked off with the conception of these hanging lamps. "It all started out of necessity." Hannes explains. "We were working in our new home which is an old house. A socket in the ceiling above the table was missing to plug in a light source, so we designed a lamp that could hang from the wall."

The first prototypes were shown at Muller Van Severen’s very first solo exhibition in 2011. During that exhibition, Fien and Hannes filled the gallery space Valerie Traan of Veerle Wenes (art director of valerie_objects) with designs that looked as if somebody took a set of crayons and started drawing in the air. This is in fact exactly how these lamps should be interpreted, as seemingly naive drawings materialized into real life.

Like all Muller Van Severen’s furniture, the hanging lamps add a sober but colorful line to the interior. At the end of that line, there’s a lightbulb, “with a lampshade we initially dug up at a flee market”, Hannes fills in. “It is a fantastic lampshade: perfectly neutral. Luckily we found a company who was able to produce it”.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Itemcode V9015032G
height (cm) 100.00
width (cm) 90.00
Collection hanging lamps n° 1/2/3/4/5
Designer Muller Van Severen
material steel
max voltage (V) 240.00
weight (kg) 7.00
bulb type E27
color green
cable length (m) 5.00