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  • segments by Destroyers/Builders
  • segments by Destroyers/Builders at M&O sept 2018
  • segments by Destroyers/Builders
  • segments by Destroyers/Builders

A simple curve with endless stories

We have the pleasure of presenting you our new collaboration with the young conceptual designer Linde Freya Tangelder (NL) a.k.a. Destroyers/Builders. 

As her studio name suggests, the Brussels based designer is a deconstructionist pur sang. Linde Freya extracts the small and seemingly banal elements of architecture such as bricks, joints and tubes and translates them into design objects -Segments - that spark the interior. ‘I zoom in on the elements that most architects try to keep out of sight’, Linde Freya says. ‘I want to give these shapes the attention they deserve’. Linde Freya morphed the shape of a simple curved tube into six beautiful table and wall objects: two small shelves, a bookend, a wall holder for small items, a tiny mirror and a table organizer. These serene objects are made of brick, porcelain and steel: an interesting mix of industrial and valuable materials. ‘Contrasting high-end with low-end is one of the key elements of my work’, Linde Freya says. The designer also chose a powerful color combination of white, cobalt blue, steel and rust. And so, placing these objects next to each other, on a wall for instance, creates and interesting minimalist play of color, material and texture.


Segments will be available in stores and online in September 2018.