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  • museum voorlinden
  • the bakery case
  • alu chairs and round table S at voorlinden

Museum Voorlinden proudly presents the first-ever European retrospective of the work of American painter Wayne Thiebaud (1920), on show from 9 June through 16 September 2018. Famous for his mouthwatering depictions of cakes, ice creams and hot dogs, Thiebaud has placed the American everyday life at the core of his artistic practice. 

After visiting the exhibition full of painted cakes, it is almost impossible not to crave for a real Thiebaud pie. You can taste these in the pop-up Bakery Case, which is located in the Voorlinden garden for the duration of the exhibition. Every day you can go here for cakes, donuts, lollies, lemonade, coffee and tea. Voorlinden developed these pavilions especially for the exhibition with entrepreneur Just Haasnoot. Just Haasnoot has selected valerie_objects for this special setting.

In the pavilions with the alu chairs and the round tables S from the Belgian designer duo Muller Van Severen and tableware van De Intuitiefabriek you can enjoy different Thiebaud pies between Dutch and Belgian design. The pop-up Bakery Case is an ode to the master painter Wayne Thiebaud with its geometric shapes and fresh colors.