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let's go outside

colourful outdoor eyecatcher

_the alu chair terrace surrounding 'the museum' at palazzo clerici

During the Milan Design Week, Space Encounters and Creative Holland presented 'The Museum' at the Palazzo Clerici in Milan. The installation offered ample room for art and design in a relaxing atmospere. A little hideaway to escape for a moment the hectic pace of the Milan Design Week.
The team chose the colourful alu chairs and round table s created by Belgian renowned designer duo Muller Van Severen. 


alu chair + round table s

 ©Norbert Tukaj

alu chair + round table s

 ©Norbert Tukaj

The aluminum chair is thanks to the treatment with beeswax and an uv protective lacquer very suitable for outdoor use. The frame shines bright while the coloured back and seating give it that typical muller van severen aesthetic.


“The multiplicity of colours makes it look extra fun." Hannes Van Severen explains. “You can actually create a landscape of colours."
"The colours of the chair really determine the atmosphere of the space." Fien Muller adds. “Whether you prefer a very playful environment or just the opposite, the alu chair colour scheme allows you to create the mood you are in to. "