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Glenn Sestig

Glenn Sestig wins WALLPAPER* award

We are very excited to announce that dishes to dishes by Glenn Sestig for valerie_objects has won a 2020 WALLPAPER* DESIGN AWARD in the category “Best Dinner Guests” !


_words of Wallpaper*’s editor-in-chief Sarah Douglas 

The awards have been selected by Wallpaper* and our family of contributors and curators from around the world. The past year has been significant for design, both in terms of output and philosophy. At Wallpaper* we have always championed the idea of design for life – beautiful, life-enhancing pieces that stand the test of time – but never has this idea had greater resonance. As we enter a fresh new decade, we’d do well to bear this in mind, and celebrate the designers and producers who are making a positive difference. Here’s to a better designed future!


dishes to dishes by glenn sestig


_about dishes to dishes

Is it a plate or is it a bowl? The low basic shape of the Dishes to Dishes collection reminds designer and architect Glenn Sestig of an intergalactic object. It was the familiar form from Sestig's "Pleasure Dôme" for Wallpaper* that formed the basic shape for this line of stackable plates and dishes in ceramics, glass, cast iron and wood. Ideal for a creative table setting. For the name of this collection, Sestig was spontaneously inspired by the song "Ashes to Ashes" by David Bowie. "Especially when I heard Bowie sing" I'm happy, hope you're happy too, "says Sestig, who with this phrase nicely summarizes the basic idea of commercial design. It is a wisdom that Major Tom proclaims to Ground Control from space. The ideal slogan representing Sestig's luxurious galaxy.


dishes to dishes by glenn sestig architects


_about glenn sestig

Glenn Sestig Architects is synonymous with contemporary chic. His work can be seen as unrelentingly urban and contemporary - materials are exclusive and its combinations are renewing and unique With regular publications in renowned magazines and recognition in global architectural awards Glenn Sestig has earned his place as one of the most noticeable architects out there.


dishes to dishes by glenn sestig architects


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