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5 year anniversary

Happy Birthday to us!
Five years of valerie_objects

It is with great pleasure that we announce the fifth anniversary of valerie_objects. Originally started as a spontaneous leap-of-faith of two design lovers, our brand grew out to become a mature design platform with an impressive list of international creators: Muller Van Severen, nendo, Maarten Baas and many others.


_a clear vision

From a playful minimalist chair to groundbreaking pepper grinders, valerie_objects did it all thanks to the clear vision of curator Veerle Wenes. ‘Each of the designers, artists and architects are genuine thinkers with whom I feel a real connection’, Wenes says. ‘I also very much would like to thank the people using our pieces. Their affirmation gives us the energy to keep developing signature designs of those authentic thinkers.’


muller van severen alu chairs


_everyday objects with a signature style

after five years our mission has remained the same: blend everyday objects with unique signature styles. valerie_objects will continue to walk the path of wonders instead of chasing the mainstream speedway. Objects — and not just ‘tools’ or ‘designs’ — that roam on the border between design and functionality, that is where valerie_objects plays. And it will be in the future.


pepper & salt grinder Knutson Ballouhey


_what's next?

Party! Hence party lights and a room full of tables. To celebrate our birthday, design duo Muller Van Severen, who have been with us since the very beginning, present two lighting objects shaped as serpentines. To add some atmospheric light to the table, valerie_objects collaborated with Brussels-based designer Maarten De Ceulaer. His lighting called HALO offers poetic moonlight inside the home. Also, for the first time in history, Muller Van Severen designed with wood. Their new wooden tables will be set out for our celebratory dinner. Bon appetit and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.


new hanging lamps and wooden tables by Muller Van Severen


new halo lighting by maarten de ceulaer