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Freedom outdoors
Aligned by Maarten Baas for valerie_objects

Maarten Baas is one of the most renowned European contemporary designers. His work reveals the inner child that’s hidden somewhere deep inside all of us and the design community fiercely appreciates it.


_aligned, a collection of outdoor chairs and a table

After creating a myriad of tableware for valerie_objects, Baas now designed a collection of outdoor chairs and a table. ‘The starting point was similar to every object I create: making a fully functional design piece that looks like it has been sketched by hand’, Baas states.


new aligned chairs and table for outdoors


_sketched with a pencil on paper

And so, Baas redefined the typical outdoor furniture consisting of metal frames and wooden slats by sketching the slats with a pencil on paper and then meticulously recreating them in real life. The result is very Maarten Baas: design that seems to be drawn by a child.


lounge chair and dining chair for outdoors


design that seems to be drawn by a child

‘Although the idea behind it might sound simple, the production is far from it’, Baas says. ‘Machines are really good at making straight lines. A crooked line is a lot more difficult’.


Aligned chairs by Maarten Baas

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