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poetic wall paintings
tramonti by maria scarpulla for valerie_objects

Simple yet poetic wall paintings surrounded by a halo of light: that’s Tramonti Lighting in a nutshell.


_abstract paintings

Like most of Scarpulla’s ideas, Tramonti started off with the paint brush. They first created a myriad of colorful abstract paintings inspired by nature. After a long process of selection and purification, they chose five paintings to become Tramonti.


tramonti by maria scarpulla


_the devil is in the details

These paintings are soberly geometrical yet quite atypical. With Scarpulla, the devil is in the details. A triangle is not just a triangle, a circle rather an off-shaped oval. There’s tension in the composition; just the right amount of tension.


tramonto 5 wall lamp maria scarpulla


tramonto, the italian word for sunset

Even after adding the technicalities required for a lamp, the paintings remain pure and untouched, consisting of nothing more than a two cm sheet of aluminium, a thin mounting system and a ray of LED lights, shedding a soft aureole that encompasses the painting; hence the name Tramonti, the Italian word for sunset. To add an extra layer of subtle poetry, the electric cable is unraveled into its two single wires which hang swirlingly at the bottom, creating the illusion of a kite.


tramonto 4 wall lamp maria scarpulla

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