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valerie_objects exhibition

To mark the 20th anniversary of his store, Andreas Murkudis dedicated Store 77 to the detailed exploration of specific brands such as valerie_objects.


_what is there to see

On display is an anthology of valerie_objects’ past cooperations with both established and up-and-coming product designers such as Big-Game, Muller Van Severen, Maria Scarpulla, Maarten Baas, Glenn Sestig and Atelier 365.


Andreas Murkudis 1


_a gallery like shop

Spread across the light-flooded room there are stools, tables, chairs, rocking chairs, hanging lamps, shelves as well as home accessories like cutting boards and tableware.


Andreas Murkudis 2


on show until november 26

ANDREAS MURKUDIS Potsdamer Strasse 77 / Berlin, Germany


Andreas Murkudis 3

_for more info

or orders, get in touch with stephanie@valerie-objects.com