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Destroyers Builders

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Although a wall rack is spatially set in the flat surface of a wall, the complexity of ETAGE lies in the many material connections, in translating the visual language into various materials and dimensions. ETAGE is available in three different sizes and different materials: brass, aluminium, ash and oak with either a light or a dark finish.
SHELF ETAGE MEDIUM OAK Destroyers Builders

Out of stock. will be backordered



Linde Freya Tangelder, the woman behind destroyers/builders, drew inspiration for ETAGE in the architecture of the Danish architect Per Kirkeby and the project "House V_H" of the Belgian agency Dhoore Vanweert. Constructions that show plenty of curvy structures and laterally cut surfaces. “Both the rear surface and the shelves follow a particular curve which ensures the allure of a skeletal frame. The frame of an organic sculpture."
Additional Information

Additional Information

Itemcode V9019003
length (cm) 73.00
height (cm) 118.00
width (cm) 27.00
Collection Etage
Designer Destroyers Builders
material wood
color natural